Good Finance is a bank founded in the form of a joint-stock company in 1991. Its headquarters is in Warsaw at 33 Przyokopowa St. The president of Good Finance is Sean Cole.

Formerly the bank was called Good Finance Investment Corporation. The bank is focused on servicing small and medium enterprises. It is a bank whose services are primarily targeted at entrepreneurs and people who conduct individual business activities.

Micro loans


The offer includes, among others, mortgage loans, investment loans and so-called micro loans. Good Finance is a bank that also offers deposits and investment products. As far as deposits are concerned, the bank offers term and negotiable deposits, as well as ROR and savings accounts. The offer of investment products is related to investment funds.

In addition, the bank offers advice to its clients regarding risk management. In 2011 Good Finance took over branches after Honest Bank. Currently, the bank has an interesting proposition for entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship Incubators program has been launched, in which fifty entrepreneurs who present the best business plan can establish a company within the group belonging to Good Finance. A very interesting way to attract new customers.

Good Lender Bank and its offer


Good Lender Bank belongs to the group of universal banks operating in Poland. Is one of the largest banks that enjoy considerable popularity among customers. The bank was founded in 1995 and its head office is located in Warsaw.

The president of the bank is currently Dan Porte. The Bank addresses its offer of products and services primarily to individual clients, businessmen, corporations and various institutions.

Initially, the bank existed as two separate banks. Their merger took place only in 2014. The merger took place mainly to create one powerful universal bank. In addition, they wanted the bank to serve all possible customers.

Merger of the banks


The merger of the banks was undoubtedly a very good move and in retrospect it worked. Since then, both banks operate as one large bank under the name Good Lender Bank SA.